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I have always loved to bake and have learned to love cooking for my family and friends. I'm not big on things that are hard. I tend to be a bit of a kitchen hack where I can get away with it. My goal is to make real food out of whole ingredients because it is healthier and more cost effective than eating out. That being said, I am not above boxed mac 'n cheese or canned tomato soup when the moment is right. No food snobs here. Brownies from scratch aren't much more difficult than box mixes and they taste a million times better. 

Photography has been a hobby of mine since high school. In this age of cell phone cameras I still try to carry around a DSLR (I've moved my photography equipment detail to it's own tab so that I can geek out a bit more - click there if you're interested).  I love natural light and have a favorite spot in my kitchen to photograph food. 

My goal for this blog is to inspire people to cook, to share things that I'm excited about (usually because they were easy and worked well for me) and to rave about products or cooks that I love. You'll see my Kitchen Aid stand mixer, my Vitamix blender and my Cuisinart food processor featured in many recipes. These are the workhorses in my kitchen. None of them were inexpensive (you'll learn I can be frugal to a fault) but they were all worth every penny I spent on them.

I live in Vermont. I enjoy the outdoors. I'm married and have one 10 year old daughter. A long haired chihuahua is my pet of choice (although the list of pets I have kept over the years is quite long). As a family we enjoy camping and boating so hopefully some of my favorite recipes that are pack-able or campfire ready will be helpful to you!


Happy cooking.

- J- 

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Vermont, USA

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