Back in high school I started taking pictures with a 35mm SLR camera. In photography class I used a Pentax K-1000 and a Nikon... something or other. In college I was given a Canon AE-1 program with a 50mm prime lens that I LOVED. Over the years my interest in photography came and went. I jumped to point and shoots when the digital world arrived. At some point, I decided I missed the images that a good camera produced and I bought a Canon PowerShot S3IS (bridge camera) that inspired me to want to take pictures again. When my daughter was born in 2009, it was just the push I needed to purchase my first DSLR. 

After much research, I settled on a Pentax K-x. This little camera, to this day, was my favorite piece of photography equipment ever. It was small and light, intuitive to use and produced FANTASTIC images. Paired with a 50mm f 1.4 prime lens it was gold. Sadly, this camera broke (or I broke it) and its light sensor failed. This was around the time that Pentax was aquired by Ricoh Imaging and there was nothing I could do to fix it. Being mad and reactionary, I decided to sell off all of my Pentax gear and switch to a mainstream brand that wouldn't burn me. Enter - Nikon D5300. I tried to love this camera but never got comfortable with it. I didn't love the images it produced and I can't really tell you why. I bought lenses, switched settings, committed to photo editing (which I dislike very much), and it never made me happy. One day I decided that life is too short to have a camera that you hate. I sold the Nikon on ebay, along with all of its parts and pieces. This funded my transition back to Pentax. I purchased a K-70 and breathed a sigh of relief immediately. This was a camera I could operate. Today, I am working on getting back into Pentax gear. I have to repurchase my beloved prime lens. The 18-135mm upgraded kit lens is wonderful on this body, but I have to have something with a larger aperture in my bag. 


As for Photogenic Kitchen, it was a byproduct of  a community college photography class I took. My final project was to select a photographer who's work I admired and put together a collection of photos inspired by them. I struggled with this. I'm not really artsy. I just like a good quality photograph. I realized that some of my favorite food bloggers were photographers and decided to go with it. Today, I am slowly creating content for the actual blog! 

A few more camera notes: 

At some point along the way, I realized that I wanted a small light camera that would take a good picture for when I didn't want to carry all of my DSLR gear. I purchased a Sony A6000 which is perfect for the job. Additionally, I have an iPhone (like the rest of the free world) and will occasionally snap photos with that. It is the one and only camera that I have with me nearly 100% of the time. 

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