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Up your ramen game.

I grew up eating ramen noodles out of a package. My friends next door called it "long noodle soup". As I've mentioned before, I'm no food snob. I'm not embarrassed to say that I like the package product just the way it comes. I am, however, intrigued by the idea of doing more with it; making it into something you can be proud of. There are lots of websites out there that will teach you to make authentic ramen. This isn't one of them. I'm just going to tell you how I dress mine up a bit into something my husband will eat.

Let's start with eggs. I'm a big fan of Cook's Illustrated's method of cooking a hard boiled egg. They opt to steam instead of boil. This is simple, consistent and produces an egg that is easy to peel regardless of how fresh it is. Trust me, I had chickens. It doesn't get fresher than that. For my soft cooked eggs in this dish I steamed for about 10 minutes rather than the 13 prescribed in the link above.

Veggies are pretty easy. I like matchstick carrots. Buy them that way or sliver up your own. They are inexpensive, keep for a long time and add good color. My green of choice here is baby spinach - mostly because it is an ingredient I will use for anything from salads to eggs. No prep needed. I toss the leaves in just the way they are.

For the meat, I use whatever is leftover. I've done steak, pork and chicken successfully. Here I had leftover grilled chicken. I'm going to be honest with you. The Carolina style BBQ sauce that they had been grilled with was not the perfect fit for my flavor profile here, but you have to be flexible. I wouldn't ever make anything if I was too particular about it. My goal today was a quick lunch with the stuff that I needed to use up in my fridge. Slice whatever you have thinly so that it is easy to eat in your soup.

Lastly, for the broth I simply used half of my seasoning packet (this one was the chicken variety) and added a teaspoon or so of soy sauce. Not fancy, not difficult, but perfectly acceptable for a quick lunch dish.

Cook the noodles in the half packet of seasoning, 2 cups water and soy sauce

Top with meat, veggies and sliced soft cooked egg

Sprinkle some peanuts on top if you like that sort of thing


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